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Poisoned Children Remind Kouchner of his promise


July 4th 2009: Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, condemns camps and forced repatriations of Roma to Kosovo. DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE

Aug 9th 2009: Doctors in Pristina hospital admit they cannot treat Ergin Salihi for his behavioral problems or lead poisoning. They agressively demand that Paul Polansky, who was visiting, take him back to the toxic conditions at Osterode camp.  He refuses. The next day, they get his illiterate mother to sign his discharge papers, before sending him home.

Aug 3rd 2009: Ergin Salihi discharged to Osterode after Belgrade doctors say there is nothing more they can do for him. On 4th Aug, he will be taken to Pristina hospital. Alush Gashi, Kosovo's Minister for Health states. "Regarding the Ergin Salihi, he can be admitted to hospital and if there is need for treatment abroad we will do outmost to make it happen" (email to GfbV:8th June 2009)

July 21st 2009: Ergin Salihi returned by ambulance to hospital in Belgrade. His condition is reported as "very weak & life in danger". While the UN, the Kosovo government and the EU continue to wring their hands and fail to evacuate the children, and while the WHO fails to provide advice on medical treatment, once again a young boy is the needless victim of ongoing abuse.

June 22nd 2009: "HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH" report released. Download ENGLISH FULL VERSION or Summary & Recommendations in ALBANIAN  SERBIAN ROMANES

June 21st 2009: Observer newspaper published story and announces "Human Rights Watch" report imminent. READ ARTICLE AND OUR APPEAL HERE

June 20th 2009: United Nations and now the Kosovo Government are responsible for yet another death in Kosovo's Poison Camps. A three day old baby, whose parents lived in the so-called "lead safer" UN camp until one year ago, and who moved to Mahalla in S. Mitrovica, but were never treated for lead poisoning, has died. Skender Gusani, the overall camp leader, issues appeal to the International Media for International Refugee Day. HERE

June 19th 2009: "Physicians for Human Rights" issues report on current state of health care system in Kosovo, proving the government has little facilities to treat the general public, let alone over 200 highly lead-poisoned children. Download "Perilous Medecine" HERE

Tues 9th June 2009: United Nations Human Rights Advisory Panel rules admissable for investigation, many extremely serious complaints of violations by UNMIK of the rights of approx. 140 camp residents. These include the right to life, failure to investigate deaths, prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment, right to respect for private and family life, right to a fair trial, right to an effective remedy, right to adequate housing, health and standard of living, prohibition against discrimination, prohibition of discrimination against women and violation of the rights of children.


Fri 5th June 2009: New reports have been received that Ergin Salihi, now back in Osterode camp, has again had swelling. Demand urgent treatment.

Monday 1st June 2009: KAAD, the NGO financed by the Kosovo government are still to reply to emails about medical treatment for the camp children. WHO are still to provide advice on treatment plan for the 200+ children under 10 yrs old.


Friday 29th May 2009: We learnt today that nine yr old Ergin Salihi, twice found to have lead levels above the limit that WHO analyser could measure, has been discharged from hospital without treatment for his poisoning.

Sunday 5th May 2009: Update received on health of Ergin Salihi, aged 9 years. Find REPORT 4 HERE

Sunday 3rd May 2009: Washington Times publishes article by Malcolm Garcia. "Gypsy Families in Kosovo on Toxic Land" Download it HERE

Sunday 26th April 2009: SBS, the Australian network television station screen a new documentary about the camps. Prioduced by Amos Roberts it tells the shocking story with interviews with families, the UNHCR, WHO. Invitation to add your comments. Click to View HERE

Tueday 21st April 2009: Ergin Salihi, a nine year old from the camps has spent the last ten days in hospital, and been diagnosed with "Nephritic syndrome". Without proper medication away from sources of heavy metal poisoning, he may not survive. The causes of this condition are often related to immune deficiency responses and can lead to acute kidney failure. The immune systems of young children are particularly affected by heavy metal poisoning. PLEASE HELP SAVE ERGIN SALIHI

Wednesday April 8th 2009: The children of Osterode camp and Cesmin Lug had little to celebrate on International Roma Day. Asking the UN to save them from their life of suffering, these kids are witnesses to the hypocrisy of those who seek to blame the Roma for their own situation.


Thursday April 4th 2009: Residents of Osterode Camp and Cesmin Lug today announced that a candlelit vigil of protest will be held at 8pm local time at Osterode Camp on International Roma Day 8th April. It will be used to mark the 81 deaths that have occurred since the head of UNMIK ten years ago, promised to close the camps within 45 days. SEE THEIR PRESS RELEASE

Wednesday 1st April 2009: Today, Acting Ombudsperson Hilmi Jashari issued a Press Release and a Report after his lengthy investigations into claims of human rights abuses by the United Nations in Kosovo. Calling for IMMEDIATE intervention, his department accuses the UN of a continuous violation of numerous international human rights standards directly applicable in Kosovo including the Right to Health, the Right to Life and the Right to Housing, the principle of non-discrimination and several rights enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The victims are its second largest minority, the Roma and Ashkali placed in the polluted camps of North Kosovo. He has requested a formal reply from the Kosovo Prime Minister by 1st May. DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE HERE. DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE

Sunday 29th March 2009: The 81st person died last Sunday. The grandmother of Sara, one of the most seriously affected of the Osterode camp children. The lady lived in Osterode camp till 2008 but died yesterday in an abandoned house in N. Mitrovica. She has two sons and their families living in Osterode. Fatima left Osterode in 2008 because she thought the lead poisoning was affecting her health. She moved into an abandoned house in north Mitrovica. One of her sons and his family were deported from Germany after living there for 13 years. After wandering homeless for many months in north Mitrovica, they found shelter in Kablare and later in Osterode. They had one of the biggest homes (three stories) in the old Romani mahalla in south Mitrovica.

Thursday 27th March 2009: Society for Threatened Peoples International & Kosovo Medical Emergency Group issue a press release announcing its demand for immediate evacuation and medical treatment. Download ENGLISH GERMAN BOSNIAN versions.

Wednesday 26th March 2009: One of our own members was present during the visit of Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights to Osterode Camp and Cesmin Lug. He sends his report HERE

Wednesday 18th March 2009: Society for Threatened Peoples and Kosovo Medical Emergency Group release joint Dossier of Evidence and call on Key Decision Makers to undertake and Immediate Emergency Evacuation and provide Highest level of medical treatment for the families. See "Call to Decision-Makers"

Tuesday 16th March 2009: KMEG will hold a strategy meeting with Society for Threatened Peoples in Bern, Switzerland. This will be followed by the release of a Dossier of Evidence calling upon Key International and National decision makers to recognise the need for, and to implement an Emergency Evacuation of the camps with the provision of proper health care for the poisoned families. KMEG and Society for Threatened Peoples will also be calling on all human rights organisations to join the call for immediate action.

Saturday 14th March 2009: KMEG receives 2005 UNMIK results of soil tests, identifying "hot spots" within and around camps with up to 16% lead. Our expert advisor informs - Lead oxide and lead sulphate are most easily taken up by the body and deposits are an extreme health hazard for anyone coming into physical contact with them. In site of the fact that the author recommends further investigation, we belive that no action was taken. See the UNMIK soil results and the recommendation HERE

Thursday 19th February 2009: Leaders Issue Statement  - HERE

1st October 2009: WHO release offical statement calling for immediate camp closure READ IT HERE

26th August 2009: WHO Head in Serbia and the Head of the WHO Anti-lead team call for immediate evacuation and destruction of the camps during meetings with the Kosovo Minister of Health, the Kosovo government, UNMIK, KAAD, the camp administrators, Mercy Corps, Institute of Health in both N and S Mitrovica. As at least 11 Roma families relocate to S Mahalla, most vacant dwellings are immediately occupied by returning Roma families from Serbia, without any action being taken by the Kosovo government or the camp administrators to prevent this from happening.

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