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Poisoned Children Remind Kouchner of his promise
Sick Roma boy in hospital in Belgrade

14th July 2016: The Ultimate Shame of the United Nations. In its final report, the United Nations own Human Rights Advisory Panel in Kosovo (HRAP)declares the whole human rights process in Kosovo to have been a total sham, resulting in the abuse of individuals and groups by the UN mission TWICE, once by the initial abuse and secondly in raising the hopes of victims that there was the possibility of redress.


15th April 2016: Following the Human Rights Advisory Panel examination, the Office of the High Commisioner for Human Rights issues a Press Release - Read it here

6th April 2016:  The UN's own Human Rights Advisory Panel (HRAP) in Kosovo produces an 82 page examination of the claims of numerous lead-poisoned families in Kosovo. The report criticises the UN Mission in Kosovo UNMIK on numerous counts of the abuse of the human rights of Kosovo Roma, and calls upon them to make a public apology and pay compensation.

Download the HRAP ruling HERE


6th April 2016:  The UN's own Human Rights Advisory Panel (HRAP) in Kosovo produces an 82 page examination of the claims of numerous lead-poisoned families in Kosovo. The report criticises the UN Mission in Kosovo UNMIK on numerous counts of the abuse of the human rights of Kosovo Roma, and calls upon them to make a public apology and pay compensation.

Download the HRAP ruling HERE

19th Nov 2015:

1) Lawyers Leigh Day & Co, acting on behalf of many lead-poisoned Roma families, have challenged the UN's rejection of their claim after receiving expert advice from Geoffrey Robertson QC, founder and the joint head of Doughty Street Chambers. Geoffrey Robertson QC is a 'distinguished jurist' member of the United Nations Justice Council. Download latest letter to UN HERE

7th Aug 2015: After ignoring the claim for compensation on behalf of some families for 5 yrs and 5 months, the UN has finally issued a rejection letter. Lawyer Dianne Post issues Press Release.  DOWNLOAD REJECTION LETTER HERE


KRRF was informed last week that the lead levels in 12 children has risen since their resettlement at Mahalla. It is investigating. This is a worrying development that could undermine the EC and USAID-funded resettlement being implemented by Mercy Corps.

25th Apr 2011 : Lord Avebury, Vice-Chair of the UK Parliamentary All-Party Group on Human Rights, and Secretary of the All-Party Group on Gypsies, Roma and Travellers has written to the European Union's External Action Service in which he raising questions about allocation of funding. Download Letter HERE

16th Mar 2011: Meeting was held in London to report on progress of resettlement and medical treatment. MPs, human rights organisations, US and EU embassy officials, religious leaders, paediatricians and toxicology experts invited. Read Paul Polansky's speech HERE


21st Dec : Mercy Corps confirms Cesmin Lug site now fenced off by UNHCR. The next phase of resettlement imminent. 38 Osterode families will start moving to new dwellings in Mahalla on 22nd Dec. 39 families will still remain at Osterode, where scientists found lead levels in places 10x higher than Cesmin Lug. WHO latest treatment protocol available HERE

12th Dec 2010 : Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights sends letter to German government regarding forced repatriations and the LEAD-contaminated camps


17th Oct: KRRF MONITORING PROJECT. Launched. First "On the spot" report discovers no testing, no treatment, & children being allowed to dig in toxic waste left after UNHCR claim to have destroyed Cesmin Lug but failed to seal the site. MONITORING PROJECT HERE

8th Oct: The UN, which placed 500 families on toxic land and abandoned them for eleven years has attempted to claim credit as Cesmin Lug is destroyed for ever. Most families have moved to Roma Mahalla or Osterode. But Fluvio team found Osterode contamination levels 10 x greater than Cesmin Lug! Ergin Salihi now back from hospital his family have been placed in Roma Mahalla as a priority. UN chief in Kosovo, Lamberto Zannier, after stalling for ten months, finally agrees to meet the lawyers representing the abused families, but fails to provide a date.

4th Oct 2010: Amnesty criticise forced returns of Roma to Kosovo mentioning German families in toxic camps and cumulative discrimination amounting to persecution. Download Amnesty Report HERE

26th Sept: Mercy Corps announce 44 families moved to Roma Mahalla but 90 families remaining in highly toxic conditions. Ergin Salihi rushed yet again to Belgrade hospital. KRRF to monitor lead treatment of all victims as per World Health Organisation protocol, amid fears of mission creep delaying treatment. No former RM residents will be treated . Download WHO Protocol HERE

22nd July: International petition launched calling for families to be taken to safety and for treatment into Camp Bondsteel. HELP SAVE CHILDREN TODAY Sign petition HERE.

7th July: KMEG expresses solidarity with "Alle Bleiben" the German campaign against forced deportations. Download Information HERE  and visit

8th June: At the inauguration of Roma Holocaust Exhibition hosted by the German embassy in London, ambasador is challenged by Paul Polansky over forced deportations of Roma to Kosovo. Download Poem of Protest. View film HERE

5th April: Russia Today transmits film featuring the Roma IDP camps, as the death toll rises to 85. Meanwhile, EU countires continue to deport Roma to Kosovo. View film HERE

10th March:  "LEAD MOUNTAIN REFUGEES" points finger of responsibility for Kosovo's death camps at Bernard Kouchner. VIEW FILM HERE

11th March 2010: Scientists from Aberystwyth University published findings on Mitrovica lead pollution, concluding that UNHCR's camps should be closed as matter of urgency. Additional tests at Roma Mahalla identify it as one possible relocation site. Download FLUVIO Report HERE.

15th February: Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg reports on his visit to toxic camps and forced returns to Kosovo. Download CoE Press Release HERE

Special Appeal for Ergin Salihi and children like him CLICK HERE

3rd February: In a statement released today, the United Kingdom Association of Gypsy Women (UKAGW) has called for immediate evacuation and proper medical treatment. Download their statement HERE

29th January: After repeated requests and intervention by the office of Catherine Ashton, Vice President of the European Commission, EULEX Chief prosecutor agrees to meet KMEG representatives on 4th Feb to discuss the investigation of serious crimes against Roma families in the camps.

21st January: After repeated stalling by UNMIK, Leigh Day & Co are forced to write again to Lamberto Zannier, SRSG. FOLLOW THE LEGAL CLAIM HERE

21st December 2009: Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, Thomas Hammarberg, calls on Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, to cease all forced repatriations of Roma families to Kosovo while toxic camps remain occupied. Download his letter HERE

15th December 2009: THE SUN, the UK's top circulation paper with 10 million readers, exposes the scandal of the UN's poison camps for Gypsies in Kosovo. ONLINE STORY HERE or download printed version including excellent interview with one of the families HERE

10th October 2009: Leigh Day, the international human rights law firm that successfully won 30 million in compensation in the largest ever group compensation case involving toxic waste, has now lodged a claim at the United Nations for its ongoing abuse of Roma at toxic camps. Follow this action on the "LEGAL CLAIM"  page.


28th May 2017: UN Secretary General expresses regret but neither compensation nor an apology for the poisoning of hundreds of Kosovo Roma. Universal condemnation follows.


28th Sept 2016:  European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC)launch petition calling on the UN to pay compensation to victims of lead poisoning. SIGN PETITION HERE

Ergin after remedial diet withdrawn
Kosovo Roma Refugee Foundation

Toxic Waste Poisoned Children of Mitrovica, Kosovo

The Fundamental Human Rights of an Ethnic Minority Abused, as the

Universal Declaration of Human Rights is flouted by its Custodians